The 81st Golden Globe Awards Full Recap

Check out the most memorable moments and standout looks from the 2024 Golden Globe Awards Ceremony!

Reflections on the 74th Berlinale: Is It Still Our World?

Berlin’s film festival is known for its eclectic programming. A few years after the height of the pandemic, the 74th Berlinale (Feb. 15-25) offers films addressing the fact that humanity has split into angry camps and seems to be on an apocalyptic trajectory. Filmmakers around the world are reflecting on this and trying to make […]
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Golden Globes Connect at the Berlin Film Festival

Joining festival cousins Cannes, Venice, Sundance, and Toronto, Berlin is an exciting expansion of the Golden Globes' international presence at the world's leading film festivals, often the launching pads of many potential front-running motion pictures in the upcoming awards season.
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New Voter Application CLOSED for the 82nd Annual Golden Globes

The Golden Globes have officially closed the new voter application for the 82nd Annual Golden Globe Awards. Interested individuals can visit the application portal to access the new voter application again starting in January 2025. The recruitment of new voters reflects a continued step towards inclusivity, diversity, and transparency in the selection process of one of the entertainment industry’s most […]
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Hollywood’s Star-Studded Golden Eve Party

Welcome to Hollywood’s most anticipated event – the Golden Eve Party at the Chateau Marmont, setting the stage for the 81st Golden Globe Awards. As the stars descend upon this legendary venue, the air is filled with an electric anticipation, mirroring the excitement of the upcoming awards ceremony. The Chateau Marmont, a bastion of Old […]
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Looking for Past Show Winners and Nominees?

Please check out the official Golden Globe Awards Database listing every nominee and winner.
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New Light Shines on Golden Globes

Change is unsettling because it pushes us into the unknown and the entertainment industry is no exception having been rocked by pandemic shutdowns obliterating box offices, labor strife shutting down productions and concerns about the march of A.I. in Terminator-like fashion. But change is inevitable — and the Golden Globes are a reminder change can […]
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