FAQ Golden Globes

Q:        Who votes for the Golden Globes?

A:         The voting body for the Golden Globes currently numbers 300 and is made up of experienced entertainment journalists representing 75 countries. The voting body is 47% female with 60% self-identifying as racially and ethnically diverse: 26.3% Latinx, 13.3% Asian, 11% Black, and 9% Middle Eastern.

Q:        How does one become a Golden Globe voter?

A:         To apply, you must be an experienced entertainment journalist working for a recognized media organization. You can reside in the U.S. or overseas as long as you work for an international outlet. This can be a newspaper, magazine, radio, broadcast, photojournalist, or online outlet. Personal blogs, social media profiles, and review sites do not qualify. Voters must adhere to a Code of Conduct, disclose any conflicts of interest, and abide by a gift ban prohibiting the acceptance of any gifts or promotional items from any studio, network, streamer, agency, or publicist.

Q:        What are the Golden Globes?

A:         Launched in 1944 by foreign journalists covering Hollywood, the Golden Globes were a way of recognizing the best creative talent from the perspective of international journalists. It has since grown into one of the industry’s premier entertainment awards recognizing the best in motion picture and television.

Q:        How many categories are there for the Golden Globes?

A:         There are currently 27 categories recognizing motion picture and television performances, including the best motion pictures in animated, drama, musical/comedy, and non-English language categories. In television, besides individual performance categories, Globes are handed out recognizing the best series in drama, musical/comedy, limited series/anthology/motion picture. There are also two new categories added for Cinematic and Box Office Achievement in Motion Pictures and Best Performance in Stand-Up Comedy on Television. There are also two awards named after Cecil B. DeMille and Carol Burnett, recognizing career achievements in motion picture and television, respectively.

Q:       How can I watch the Golden Globes?

A:         The 81st Annual Golden Globe Awards can be watched on the CBS network and streamed on Paramount+ on Sunday, January 7, 2024, at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET. Results will also be posted on the Golden Globes website and social media platforms.

Q:        Who owns the Golden Globes?

A:         The Golden Globes were recently acquired by a joint venture between Eldridge and Dick Clark Productions. Dick Clark Productions is the official producer of the Golden Globes award show.

Q:        Who is the leader of the Golden Globes?

A:         The Golden Globes’ ownership is comprised of Todd Boehly, CEO of Eldridge and Jay Penske, CEO of Dick Clark Productions. Helen Hoehne is the current President of the Golden Globes, and Tim Gray is the Executive Vice President of the Golden Globes.

Q:        What is the Golden Globe trophy made of?

A:         Golden Globe trophy materials include zinc alloy, brass, and acrylic. Metals are built up in the plating process using nickel, copper, silver, and 24K gold. Each trophy has a custom-coded NFC chip guaranteeing authenticity and weighs 7.85 lbs. Special award trophies such as the Cecil B. DeMille and Carol Burnett awards have specially sourced marble bases. Trophies measure 12.77 inches in height and 3.64 inches in width, with a representation of the globe encircled with a film strip sitting atop a cylindrical base with Golden Globe Awards inscribed.

Q:        Can I get tickets to attend the Golden Globes?

A:         No tickets for the awards show are available to the general public. Audience members include nominees, studio and broadcast partners, sponsors, presenters, and guests of the Golden Globes.

Q:        Can I watch the celebrities on the red carpet?

A:         The red carpet for the Golden Globes is only available to accredited members of the press working at the event. Media members can apply for credentials online.

Q:        Can I attend any of the parties?

A:         Parties at the Beverly Hilton are open only to ticketed guests and attendees of the show.

Q:        Do the Golden Globes still support charitable causes?

A:         Yes. A new Golden Globe Foundation was created after the sale of the Golden Globes. Over the last three decades, the licensing fees from the Golden Globe Awards have enabled donations of more than $55 million to entertainment-related charities, including scholarship programs, film restoration projects, and humanitarian efforts. This funding has also supported diverse programs in partnership with advocacy groups aimed at promoting greater access in Hollywood for underserved communities.

Q:        Does the Hollywood Foreign Press Association still exist?

A:         With the sale of the Golden Globes, the HFPA is no longer part of the Golden Globes.