• Golden Globe Awards

80th Annual Golden Globe® Awards Grows Across Social, Securing The #1 Social Program Spot on January 10th

Golden Globe Awards Owned Accounts Drive More Than 137M Video Views Across Platforms in End of Week Insights

The 80th Annual Golden Globe® Awards won the night on social media, seeing success across Golden Globes-owned accounts and NBC Digital accounts. Starting at 2:00 pm PT, three hours before the broadcast, to 11:00 pm PT, three hours after the broadcast, the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards saw great success in its Social Content Ratings.

  • #1 most social program of the day and #1 driver of video views for the day
  • #4 most social broadcast awards show in the last 12 months
  • #3 driver of social video views for broadcast awards shows in the last 12 months
  • Up 31% in social interactions vs 2021
  • Up 48% in social video views vs 2021

There were 14.8M total interactions across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube about the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards during the linear window on January 10th and 29.1M video view counts generated across owned Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube videos about the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards during the linear window on January 10.
The consumption continued with the Golden Globe Awards-owned accounts earning a striking amount of video views on content, building on the initial success on January 10, through Friday, January 13. The aggregate of TikTok (64M video views), Instagram (34M video views), Twitter (20.2M video views), and Facebook (19.1M video views) totaled 137.3M video views across platforms.
As 2022’s most-watched television network, NBC’s top-tier viewership translated to NBC’s Digital outlets, which saw immense growth in social and web views as well across January 10th and 11th.
NBC Highlights:

  • Reached nearly 11M digital page and video views across E! News and NBC Digital platforms, Up +54% from 2021
  • Over 178M engagements including TV viewership + digital/social views and social interactions, up +88% from 2021
  • 1.3B video minutes were consumed, with 16M viewers reached on linear, 19M on social, and 2M on digital
  • Peacock saw material growth as the full Golden Globes award show was made available for the first time in 2023 (only VOD in 2021), garnering 793K video starts (+245% YoY) and 33M minutes