Adam Driver. Photo: Magnus Sundholm for the HFPA.
  • Golden Globe Awards

Adam Driver

Nominated: Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in any Motion Picture

An unlikely hero in his own success story, a former US marine not only was accepted to the most prestigious acting school in the country, but continued on to become a three-time Emmy nominee for his breakout role in Girls and has worked with the greats of our generation such as, but not limited to, Noah Baumbach, The Coen Brothers, Jim Jarmusch, Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg.Originally from San Diego, Adam Driver grew up with his mother and stepfather in Mishawaka, Indiana where he was an occasional theater actor and church choir singer. Following the events of 9/11, Driver enlisted in the Marines and spent three years training overseas until he was honorably discharged. He decided to re-apply to Julliard after a rejection he received his senior year of high school. Following his graduation in 2009, Driver began building his career in television with his screen debut in the cop-drama The Unusuals which eventually lead to his role as the famously emotionally unstable Adam Sackler in Girls.Following the success of the HBO series, Driver appeared in smaller roles in films such as Spielberg’s Lincoln and alongside Star Wars co-star Oscar Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis. He also collaborated with Noah Baumbach in three separate films, most notably Frances Ha and filmed Midnight Special, the critically acclaimed Patterson, Scorsese’s passion project Silence, and Logan Lucky between filming the first two films of the mega-hit Star Wars reboot trilogy.Adam Driver is nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his role as Flip Zimmerman, a Jewish detective that helps bring down a local KKK chapter from the inside in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman ” … the character’s journey I really liked, of someone who in real time at one point kind of knows that to be effective in his job he has to disassociate his feelings from actually what he’s hired to do. But then over the course of it, he can’t help but care about what he’s doing, and I just love that idea,” said Driver about his character. Unlike his co-star John David Washington, Driver was unable to meet with his real-life counterpart and had to craft the character with only the script as a reference point, and said “I feel in real life characters that I played before, you always have to cherry pick the things about them that open your imagination and then discard the things that feels like imitation.”Driver can be spotted next year in a number of upcoming films, such as Jarmusch’s zombie comedy The Dead Don’t Die, The Torture Report which is written and directed by Scott Z. Burns, his fourth Noah Baumbach collaboration in an untitled project, and the final installment of the new Star Wars trilogy.Upon receiving his first Golden Globe nomination, Driver said, “I’m very thankful to the HFPA and pretty blown away by all of this. To be at the Golden Globes in January representing BlacKkKlansman with Spike and John David means a great deal to me. I’m very proud to be in their company.”