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Amanda Collin: “I grew up with Mother”

When Danish actress Amanda Collin was cast as an android in the Ridley Scott sci-fi series Raised by Wolves which ran from 2020 to 2022, she thought that her international career was going to take off. But that did not happen.


“It has not really done anything for me,” Amanda Collin says with a shy laugh via Zoom from her home in Copenhagen. “That is also really nice actually. I am happy that it happened so early in my career that I am not waiting for anything to take off again because I am happy where I am. I have learned that I don’t need to go anywhere. I am okay where I am. “

In Raised by Wolves she plays Mother opposite the British actor Abubakar Salim as Father. The second season aired on HBO Max in February 2022 and there will not be a third season. Even though the show did not propel Collin into an international star, she does feel she learned a lot from making the show. She added to her acting craft toolbox and she matured as an actress.

“I grew up a little bit on Raised by Wolves in a similar way that Mother does, and it gave me confidence and the sense that I belong in this industry,” she says. “When I came to Raised by Wolves, I came from a very naïve point of view that I only wanted to make art or I would rather die. That idea kind of died with Raised by Wolves. It is rare that you choose every artistic priority overachieving to entertain the audience.”

In Denmark, the 37-year-old’s career is doing very well. She had her big breakthrough role on screen as the leading character Marie in Christian Taftrup’s A Horrible Woman (2017) for which she was nominated for the Robert Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. She is soon to be seen in Nikolaj Arcel’s The Bastard in which she plays opposite the internationally acclaimed actor Mads Mikkelsen.


“I learned that the Danish heath is an extremely beautiful place,” she says about shooting the historical film The Bastard. “We shot in Jutland in places that you normally don’t get to go. That is just another gift of the job we do. It was so beautiful at 6 am in the morning.”

The film takes place in the 18th century and Mikkelsen plays Captain Ludvig Kahlen, a soldier who sets out on an impossible mission – to clear and cultivate the wild Jutland heath for the Danish crown. Collin co-stars as Ann Barbara.

“When you shoot a period piece and you do it on location, it is very easy to imagine what it was like to be a person back then. You are also in costume and it feels like you are right there at that time in history. And I learned a lot from Ann Barbara who does not have an easy life but gets the best out of it. I also learned that we are not that different from people in 1756. People want freedom in their lives.”

In September, she starts shooting Frederik Louis Hviid’s heist film The Quiet Ones. It is inspired by a notorious real-life bank robbery.

“I am super excited to be in a proper action movie,” she says. “I am working on my muscle power as we speak.”