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And Tomorrow The Entire World (Germany)

Luisa is a 20-year-old law student from an upper-middle class background. She is as alarmed by the right wing movements and a move to ultra-conservatism in her country as most of her friends. They decide to position themselves against the populist parties and the Neo-Nazis and become members of a subdivision of Antifa. Luisa meets the charismatic Alfa, whom she is secretly in love with, and his sidekick Lenor, both of whom do not shy away from using violence to get their point across. Luisa is put in a position where she has to decide how far she herself is willing to go to take a stand:  to the detriment of her own future and the safety of her close friends.
The events were inspired by director Julia Heinz’ (who also co-wrote the script with John Quester) real life experiences. Heinz herself had joined the Antifa when she was younger. The political design of the movie’s right-wing “Liste 14” party is also a reference to that of the Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany). The film explores the age-old question of fighting violence with violence and whether the eye-for-an-eye approach gets a moral pass if the end justifies the means. The film had its world premiere at this year’s Venice film festival, where the director said: “The extreme right is motivated by fear and hatred; for left-wing activists, it is about the idea of a more peaceful and equal world. But how to achieve that? My film’s main character Luisa feels pressured to fight the extreme right with violence, and eventually loses herself in her battle. With my own past as a left-wing activist, I ask myself every day how I can use cinema—this beautiful form of art—to reflect on our current political climate. I hope for my film to ignite a discussion on how we want to live with each other. This is not only a story about the strong division running through Germany, but about the one running through our entire Western society.”
Mala Emde plays the passionate Luisa whose fighting spirit dominates the story. Noah Saavedra, Tonio Schneider and Luisa-Cèline Gaffron are her compatriots.