Sir Anthony Hopkins, King Lear
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Anthony Hopkins Rewind – Golden Globes Around The World Podcast Series


As we continue our 80-Day Countdown to the 80th anniversary of the 2023 Golden Globe Awards, we soon will arrive at Day 50: 1992 (on December 10th), the year that saw the Jonathan Demme thriller Silence of the Lambs walk away with the coveted Best Picture Golden Globe.

In honor of that milestone, we are rewinding to listen again to my own podcast episode with Sir Anthony Hopkins, recorded on September 26, 2018, when the Welsh actor was starring in the TV movie, King Lear.

Sir Anthony takes us back through his long career starting when he came out of the army in 1960 and joined a theatre group. “I began to think maybe this is what I should do.  I really was a bad boy.  I had very little discipline, no technique.  But one thing I didn’t know was, you have to know your stuff, you have to know your text and then I went to the Royal Academy; I learned a great deal on the psychology…to apply to my work.  That’s what I’ve been doing ever since.,” he revealed in our podcast.  Hear Sir Anthony talk about his career-changing role as Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs, why he didn’t speak to co-star Jodie Foster on set, and why he thinks the film scares people so much.