• Golden Globe Awards

Atlanta – Nominee, Best TV Series – Comedy

A Princeton dropout returns home to Atlanta to try to salvage his life by managing his rapper cousin’s career.  This may be a conventional premise for a comedy, but that is not Atlanta, which airs on FX.  There are no jokes with a laugh track, no tidy problem solved at the end of an episode.  It is the story of a young man struggling to find his footing and constantly wondering how he got where he is.  Told with drama and joy and humanity and sometimes despair, leavened by humor, the show strives to give the viewer an authentic sense of black life.  Donald Glover, also a nominee, explained to us how he came to create the show because “I felt the way the world was, it felt very weird, like a lot of the rules that we followed just felt weird.  So it started from a place of like, how do I show how weird things seem to happen to me every day.”