• Golden Globe Awards

Behind The Scenes At The Globes

Millions of people around the world watch the Golden Globes show on television every year but only a few people get to see what goes on behind the scenes. The key to the Globes is that the show puts everyone in a party mood because it has always celebrated the fact that stars drink at their tables and get loose and have more fun than they do at those big, tense, serious Oscars. This year the Globes party began on the Beverly Hilton's red carpet some three hours before the show started. That's when the bleachers were already filled and early guests got to hang out, take in the scene, savour the excitement and, later, watch and mingle with the arriving stars. What they didn't see was a near-diasaster when a sprinkler went off and drenched part of the red carpet just an hour earlier. Clean-up crews worked frantically to mop up the water and dry the carpet. Everything was dry when the first stars to arrive, some of the cast of Modern Family, made their entrances, followed by Beau Bridges and a cavalcade of some of Hollywood's biggest names. Every celebrity who walked the red carpet also ran the gauntlet of photographers and TV interviewers for ET, Access , the Insider, Extra, Inside Edition and a host of other TV shows from around the world. One of the few stars who did not walk the red carpet this year was Drew Barrymore who, because of her pregnancy, opted to avoid the crush and make her entrance through another door. As the red carpet walkers finally got to the doors of the Hilton they were offered a much-needed drink from representatives of Moet Et Chandon who had what seemed like an endless supply of mini champagne bottles with flutes attached for easy drinking. Among the last to arrive were Cate Blanchett , Tom Hanks and their spouses, but several of the earlier arrivals headed straight for the Golden Globes lounge, a white-draped room with two bars, a Godiva chocolates display, manned by two "chocolatiers" and a Moet et Chandon section serving a special Golden Globes cocktail. Kevin Spacey, Kristen Chenoweth, Helen Mirren and her husband Taylor Hackford were along those who opted to spend time in the bar, Spacey predicting a few surprises in the show to come, before taking their seats in the "pit" just seconds before Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler bounced on the stage at 5pm to open the show. The first award, for best supporting actress in a musical or comedy went to Jennifer Lawrence for her role in American. Hustle. She and all the other winners throughout the evening, were met as they came off the stage by the HFPA's Elisabeth Sereda, who escorted them into the labyrinth of corridors, past the kitchen to their first stop, which is the InStyle makeup booth and then on into the photographers' room where they faced the barrage of cameras. From there they went to meet the print journalists in the press room and then either returned to their seat or, if they were willing, went on to the One-On-One Room where they were interviewed by the hosts of the major celebrity news and television shows, who each had their own interview booth. During the commercial intervals audience members in need of a break headed for the outside terrace or the Golden Globes Lounge, where two bars were busy serving alcohol, two "chocolatiers" manned a Godiva chocolates display and a special Golden Globes cocktail was on offer at a Moet Et Chandon section. On stage, emotion took over and several winners, including Jacqueline Bissett, Elisabeth Moss, All Is Lost composer Alex Ebert and Jared Leto had to be played off after their acceptance speeches ran over time.