• Golden Globe Awards

Between Heaven and Earth (Palestine)

normal”>Between Heaven and Earth, Palestinian director, Najwa Najjar, continues to explore her nation’s plight through the eyes and experiences of her characters. Here a handsome middle-class couple, Tamer, played by Firasmso-bidi-font-style:italic”>Nassar (Fauda, Foxtrot), and Salma, played by Mouna Hawa (In Between), are trying to get divorced, but the court rejects their petition because Tamer’s identity papers don’t match the court records, so they embark on a road journey across Israel and Palestine, searching for his roots.

was born in Beirut and moved to live in the West Bank after his parents were assassinated. Salma is an Israeli Palestinian, who moved to live with him when they got married 5 years prior. While Salma can cross to Israel freely, Tamer needs a travel permit in order to be able to attend the court divorce proceeding there.

Between Heaven and Earth