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Brad and James Do Sundance 

Its no secret that every January Hollywood picks up stakes and moves to Park City for ten days – and when you shoehorn most of moviedom in the snowcapped capital of indie cinema anything can happen. That’s how you can bump into James Franco and Brad Pitt at the same bar counter. Pitt is known to the world as one of the superstar actors, but lately he’s producing more and more films, including True Story premiered here at the Sundance Film Festival and stars Jonah Hill and James Franco. At the Eveleigh where Fox Searchlight hosted the after party for the film, Franco was hanging out by the bar and talking to invited guests and other film makers. As I was complimenting him on his spot-on portrayal of a creepy almost-serial killer, Brad Pitt was passing by and we exchanged hellos and chatted about the film. He told me: “I want to  produce as many films as I can, I love it.” He was very candid about his keen interest in producing more films than acting in them. Pitt was there along with his producing partner Dede Gardner and other filmmakers. He flew in from Los Angeles earlier and left immediately after to go back to attend the PGA and SAG Awards.
Munawar Hosein