Belgian-born actor Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993) holds the hand of American actor Gregory Peck in a still from the film ‘Roman Holiday,’ directed by William Wyler, 1953. Actor Gregory Peck died June 12, 2003 at age 87 of natural causes in his Los Angeles, California home. (Photo by Paramount Pictures/Courtesy of Getty Images)
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Celebrating our Golden Globe Winners: the 1980s

Brash and footloose, the 80s leave their own mark on cinema – and on the Globes. The 70s rebels – Spielberg, Lucas, Coppola – mature and reach their creative peak. New names borrowed from the indie scene, Spike Lee, Steven Soderbergh to name but a couple, make their Hollywood debuts. As Jean-Paul Chaillet and Juliette Michaud explain in their time-traveling travelogue, “The cinema of the 80s is incredibly fun, cocky and creative, exploring all sorts of themes, offering all sorts of rides.” No argument there, the titles tell the story: AmadeusBorn on the Fourth of July, Out of Africa, Rain Man, Romancing the Stone, Working GirlThe Silence of the Lambs, Driving Miss DaisyThe Last EmperorIndochineMy Life as a Dog, CinemaParadiso and many others. The Globes have also grown up. They make the Beverly Hilton their permanent home and their influence grows.