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Cold Of Kalandar (Turkey)

Cold of Kalandar is another brilliant example of the current renaissance in Turkish cinema. The film masterfully mixes realism and the poetry of the harsh life some people have to live because of the place and time they were born into. Yes, to watch how people are suffering almost in real time is not an easy proposition but one feels rewarded in the end by the rich texture of real life and real people. The action, or perhaps the artfully imagined lack of it, takes place in the mountainous region of Kalandar, in the dead of winter. Writer-director Mustafa Kara (with co-writer Bilal Sert) sees the cold winter as a character in the movie. Cold of Kalandar is only his second feature film. He started his film career directing documentaries and it feels like his documentary background helps the author to depict the life in rural Turkey in exquisite detail.The main character Mehmet (Haydar Sisman) is trying to find gold or other precious metals in the mountains he lives in. But the samples he finds have no commercial value. So he struggles to support his family – his wife, mother and two sons, one of whom is an invalid.  Mehmet is starting to lose all hope when he suddenly learns about prizewinning bullfights, which take place not so far from his farm. Mehmet decides to train his bull for the fight.Cold of Kalandar is beautifully shot by two directors of cinematography – Cevahir Sahin and  Kursat Uresin who make the winter cold almost palpable. They are very good as well at catching the intimidating majesty of the mountainous landscape.Mustafa Kara won the Award For Best Director at 28th Tokyo International Film Festival. The film was also the winner of the Viewer’s Choice Award.