BOB DYLAN accepting his Best Original Song Award for ÒThings have changedÓ for the film ÒWonder BoysÓ
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Congratulations, Bob Dylan!

Congratulations to our favorite Ramblin’ Man and Rolling Stone. The Prize for literature awarded Bob Dylan by the Nobel Committee is as unconventional as well-deserved for an artist who has been pushing the boundaries of music and poetry for over 50 years. Among his achievements many have been in the word of cinema, in 2001 Dylan won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song for "Things Have Changed", a wonderful ballad written for Curtis Hanson’s Wonder Boys. Back then this is what the director (he died just last month) told us about collaborating with Dylan: “The dream was always to get Bob Dylan to write our main title song which has been a fantasy of mine ever since Pat Garret and Billy the Kid, the Peckinpah movie for which he wrote "Knocking on Heaven's Door". We contacted him and it turns out he was something of an LA Confidential fan. So he came by my editing room in Santa Monica and and just came and sat down with me and I showed him and hour and a half rough cut and he liked what he saw. He was very impressed with Michael Douglas and how different Michael was in this picture. (…) And he went on tour with Paul Simon and we talked a couple of times on the phone and a couple of weeks later a little envelope showed up with a CD in it and I popped it into the CD player and there was Bob Dylan singing ''I’m in Love with a Woman that Doesn't Appeal to me” – It was an unbelievable thrill to me.”

See Bob Dylan's acceptance speech at the 58th Golden Globes, January 2001.