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The Week in Fashion: Personal Style Edition

At our events during the Toronto Film Festival stars proved a point: style comes from choices and self-expression, not necessarily labels. Though many stars donned designer garb, the range of clothing highlighted the freedom of expression that dominates style today. If there was a theme, long flowing skirts and patterned clothing were everywhere. For those who haven’t got the memo: the waist is back, regardless of the shape, lady’s skirts and trousers began above the hips. Of special note, for embracing the front edge of the maverick curve, the two Emilys – Blunt and Browning – led the pack.
01-emily_browning.jpg 02a-emily_blunt.jpg
Photo credit: Margaret Gardiner/HFPA
Emily Browning wore a pleated skirt by Mui-Mui that even the fashionistas haven’t embraced yet, but will soon. Emily Blunt sported culottes. Now there’s a woman unafraid to march to her own drum.
Photo credit: Margaret Gardiner/HFPA
Ladies hair was loose and messy, like Alicia Vikander’s. The overly defined corkscrew that brought Shirley Temple back to this century is on the way out. Make up enhanced features, with understated color.
Photo credits: Margaret Gardiner/HFPA | George Pimentel Photography/HFPA | Margaret Gardiner/HFPA
Men’s trousers have become more fitted through the leg, but still allow comfort.
Jackets varied in length, but color continued to be the watchword of men’s fashion. Most went the elegantly casual route, layering jackets over T’s or waist coats, or notched it up in fitted designer suits or separates that played up the male form, as evidenced by the choices of these fine gentlemen: I Saw The Light’s Tom Hiddleston, Heroes Reborn’s Clé Bennett and The Danish Girl’s director, Tom Hooper.
Margaret Gardiner