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Exploring the Global Phenomenon of Anime: From Japan to the World

The animation enterprise has extended since the early 1900s from hand-drawn cartoons to a brand-new era of animation with a billion-dollar business industry. Anime has become a cultural phenomenon and an industry that has attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers globally.

Popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Funimation, Crunchyroll, HiDive, RetroCrush, and Tubi provide anime series and films. Each platform has its unique strengths, with Crunchyroll having the most sizable library of anime content material, around 1300 series, and Hulu offering a vast range of classic Anime. At the same time, Netflix provides original anime content as Funimation is recognized for its impressive dubbed collection, and HiDive has a mix of anime and live-action adaptations. As Anime maintains to gain extra popularity and attraction to wider audiences internationally, it’s expected to remain an extensive worldwide entertainment enterprise.

Anime originated in Japan in the early 20th century, while Japanese filmmakers started experimenting with various drawing and animation techniques to tell stories. Anime is a fusion of hand-drawn and computer-generated techniques. In Japan, the term anime refers to all animation works, while in English, it means explicitly animation produced in Japan. Anime movies and anime series are popular sorts of Japanese animation that have gained a substantial international following. Both anime movies and series provide a captivating mixture of action, drama, humor, and myth that continues to draw new enthusiasts and hold the interest of existing ones.

Anime has numerous subgenres, which include Shounen, Shoujo, Mecha, Senen, and Kodomo. In addition, many anime series combine elements from different genres to create unique stories.

The anime enterprise has experienced constant growth in profits. The global anime market size was anticipated to be valued at US$ 25.62 billion in 2022 and is expected to grasp US$ 52.99 billion by 2032, with a prompt CAGR of 7.5% from 2022 to 2032, according to the FMI assessment.

Japan is the leader in high-quality anime content, dominating the anime enterprise with an anticipated 33% of the Japanese population actively watching various Anime content. Asia leads in anime exports within the international anime industry, followed by North America and Europe. The Japanese Media Arts Database had over 136,700 titles under the animation category in 2022. According to Review Moose, estimations dictate that between 40% and 60% of worldwide watch anime content casually these days.

According to the Rotten Tomatoes website, here is a list of the top 10 anime movies of all time. The list includes both classic and recent anime films, with their ranking based on their Tomatometer scores.

1.         The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013), directed by Isao Takahata

2.         Only Yesterday (1991), directed by Isao Takahata

3.         Grave of the Fireflies (1988), directed by Isao Takahata

4.         Your Name (2016), directed by Makoto Shinkai

5.         Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie (2021), directed by Seong-Hu Park and Park Seong-hu

6.         Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train (2020) directed by Haruo Sotozaki

7.         Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989), directed by Hayao Miyazaki

8.         Spirited Away (2001), directed by Hayao Miyazaki

9.         In This Corner of the World (2016), directed by Sunao Katabuchi

10.      Suzume (2022), directed by Makoto Shinkai


According to an analysis of Google Trends data on primary anime keywords, Japan is the most popular country for Anime, followed by the Philippines and Vietnam. Other countries in the top ten include Malaysia, Chile, Myanmar, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. The increasing popularity of Anime in those countries can be attributed to the growth of the anime industry and the availability of anime content on streaming platforms.

Anime series are known for their lengthy runs, with some continuing for several years or even decades. These long-running series can become cultural staples, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. Despite their length, these series often retain a loyal fanbase that eagerly anticipates each new episode or season.

1.         Sazae-San – 7,920 Episodes, 53 Years Airing (Stream on Tubi)

2.         Doraemon – 1,787 Episodes, 26 Years Airing (Stream on HBO Max)

3.         Sorieke! Anpanman – 1,572 Episodes, 34 Years Airing (Stream on Tubi)

4.         Chibi Maruko-Chan – 1,359 Episodes, 27 Years Airing (Not available on any central streaming platform)

5.         Crayon Shin-chan – 1,122 Episodes, 30 Years Airing (Not available on any central streaming platform)

6.         Case Closed – 1,067 Episodes, 26 Years Airing (Stream on Freevee)

7.         Pokémon – 1,222 episodes, 25 Years Airing (Stream on Amazon Prime Video)

8.         One Piece – Ongoing (Stream on Netflix)

A report by the Association of Japanese Animations in 2021 reveals that the average cost of producing a half-hour anime episode is around ¥20 million or roughly USD 182,000. The expenses include staff salaries, voice actors, music composers, equipment, materials, and post-production costs. The high-profile anime series invest considerable money per episode to produce high-quality animation, fight scenes, and other visual effects. The top five anime series with the highest production cost in line with episodes are Dragon Ball Super, Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan, Black Clover, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. These anime series have a loyal fan base and are recognized for their extraordinary storytelling, paintings, and animation. Investing in manufacturing fees allows them to hold their first-rate and popularity through the years.


Esquire has indexed a few anime series well worth looking at in 2023. Ranking of Kings follows the tale of a touch prince who learns to rule via kindness. Mashle: Magic and Muscles is ready for a boy who attempts to show his well-worth despite having no magical abilities. Buddy Daddies tells the story of two assassins and a tough woman they are compelled to take care of. Hell’s Paradise is set by an assassin who is offered a pardon if he can discover a magical elixir. Blue Lock follows a Japanese football group and their opposition to locate their next superstar participant. Boruto: Sasuke’s Story Arc sees the grownup Sasuke going undercover to find a cure for Naruto’s contamination. Finally, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba returns with the “Swordsmith Village Arc.”

Anime’s particular storytelling and visual style have helped it stand out as a unique art form. With its rich narratives, complicated characters and stunning visuals, Anime has something to offer for everyone. Whether you’re an old and devoted fan or a newcomer to Anime, there’s always something new to discover and enjoy. So, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Anime!