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Golden Globes 2021: Hollywood Stylists Discuss Virtual Globes Fashion

In the run-up to the Golden Globes, top stylists gathered on an HFPA sponsored Zoom Round Table to discuss their craft and the challenges of creating a red-carpet moment during a pandemic.

Like so many other events the Globes will go virtual this year, which will be unique for everything from show production to fashion – a mainstay of the Golden Globes Ceremony.

Amongst the many challenges that face the image-makers who create iconic looks in the Hollywood spotlight, is that nominees are scattered across the world. Stylists will also be tasked with adding some fun and levity at a time of global struggle. How do you meet the need for diversion, while celebrating the moment and the nominees?

On the HFPA Stylists Roundtable Sophie Lopez, who will be dressing Kate Hudson, nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama, noted that this Globes will go down in history and be referred to for decades to come. That ups the pressure.

Each of the stylists is dressing fewer people as the 78th Award show goes virtual. Nominees may only be seen head and shoulders in some cases, but stylists are still providing the complete look and hope to take full-length shots to mimic the red carpet for the viewing audience which runs into the millions worldwide. Ilaria Urbinati who is once again dressing Sacha Baron Cohen (Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical/Comedy nominee) assured us that the men will not be in shorts from the waist down while in a tux jacket. All participating stylists agreed that they were avoiding bowties and going with more of a cocktail look for men – meaning ties – to strike the right note of award show solemnity, without excess.

Erica Cloud, dressing nominees Dan and Eugene Levy and presenter Awkwafina, promised there’d be a splash of color in the Levys’ look, and that Awkwafina would actually be on site for the award ceremony so detail will be as dedicated as for any other show – and yes, it was likely the audience would also see the full look. Andrew Gelwoks dressing nominee Catherine O’ Hara is looking for a jacket that reads, meaning it has some structure or statement and will be doing something interesting and comfortable for footwear. Sophie Lopez who styles Kate Hudson noted that she doesn’t have to deal with the many outfits she would normally consider for an event like this, instead, she pulled around four pieces and will work with her client to make the final choice through zoom or selfies. Logistics means that Sophie won’t even be there for the fitting. It will be done via photos remotely. Avo Yermagyan, dressing Leslie Odom Jr. is aware of the gravitas of the moment. The themes of One Night in Miami will be in his thoughts when considering the look for his client who is nominated for his supporting role in that film, as well as this year’s different context. Last year Yermagyan dressed Nick Jonas who wore a watch worth thousands of dollars. This year there will be no such opulence. The world is hurting in many ways and that affects the choices the stylists make when guiding clients.

Tara Swennen, who will dress Jane Levy, took the universal concept wider in suggesting that people consider environmentally conscious fabrics. Levy who looks great in retro and vintage ensembles will strive for more timeless elegance, in a fresh, today way.

Brad Gorenski, dressing Kaley Cuoco (Best TV Actress in a Musical or Comedy series nominee for The Flight Attendant) said his client wanted to keep it light. At a time when so many struggle, Kaley wanted to imbue the moment with fun to try and give people something to smile about.

The stylists were unanimous in their advice for fashion moments. “People should be kind to themselves. If they manage to wear something without an elastic waist at home, they deserve applause,” noted Brad Goreski. Satchel and Jackson Lee, the Golden Globes Ambassadors who were on hand to introduce the panel of stylists, talked about the challenges of introducing themselves to the world during a time of such hardship for people. Satchel Lee let slip that she is wearing Gucci, while her brother referenced his design work for Nike in giving him confidence in his going for the night.

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