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Golden Globes 2022: Around the World in Films – Non-English Language Film Submissions

Once again, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association recognizes films from all countries and languages with the Best Non-English Language Motion Picture – and, this year, pictures created and exhibited overseas can also qualify for the Golden Globe of Best Motion Picture.
The new title for this category is one of many changes that resulted from a second year of pandemic. The process has become simpler and more inclusive, in step with several developments in the HFPA.
Basic rules remain: a Non-English Language Motion Pictures must be a motion picture drama or musical or comedy with more than 50% non-English dialogue. The HFPA may request a continuity script to verify that motion pictures entered as best non-English language motion picture meet the minimum requirement for non- English language dialogue; failure to provide a requested script in a timely manner will result in the entry being rejected.
This year, as previously stated, Non-English language motion pictures also may qualify for the Best Motion Picture – Drama and Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy awards if they meet the eligibility requirements for those awards (i.e. release in the Los Angeles area during the relevant eligibility period).
Animated motion pictures, however, are not eligible for the Best Motion Picture — Non-English Language award. However, animated non-English language motion pictures are subject to the release, eligibility and screening requirements set forth below for other non-English language motion pictures.
These requirements are:
· The picture must be first released in its country of origin during the 15-month period from October 1 to December 31 prior to the awards show.
· The country of origin of a non-English language motion picture is the country of the entity credited for the production of the motion picture. Each motion picture may have multiple countries of origin, provided that each country of origin must have a role in the production of the motion picture (filming location, setting, residence of key personnel such as producers, actors, directors, etc.) in addition to providing financing for the motion picture.
· Non-English-language motion pictures that originate outside the United States need not have been released in the United States to qualify for the Best Motion Picture – Non- English Language award.
· There is no limit to the number of non-English language motion pictures that can be submitted from a specific country.
·  Non-English language motion pictures must be screened for all HFPA members and made available in their original language with English subtitles.
· Motion pictures that qualify for the Best Motion Picture – Non-English Language award also qualify for awards in all other motion picture categories except Best Motion Picture – Animated.
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