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Golden Globes Around the World podcast: Damian & Jamie Harris

In this week’s episode of our podcast series, we’re privileged to host a heartwarming and insightful conversation with Damian and Jamie Harris, the creative minds behind the remarkable documentary, The Ghosts of Richard Harris. This film offers an intimate exploration of their father, the late, legendary Irish actor Richard Harris, whose enigmatic life and illustrious career we delve into.

The Ghosts of Richard Harris explores the life and legacy of Richard Harris, whose performances on both the stage and the silver screen have left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment. The film goes beyond the traditional biographical format, incorporating never-before-heard tapes and unseen family footage, as well as interviews with some of the greatest luminaries in film, including Russell Crowe, Dame Vanessa Redgrave, and Jim Sheridan. But perhaps the most significant presence in the film are the three sons of Richard Harris, who embark on a journey of discovery about their father’s work and character.

In our conversation with Damian and Jamie, we delve into their experiences growing up with Richard Harris as a father, his passions outside of acting — including a love for songs and poetry and a fervent desire to play rugby for Ireland — and how they navigated the process of making a film about such a complex individual. The heart of this episode lies in the sons’ reflections on their father, the process of uncovering aspects of Richard they were unaware of, and their role in bringing to life The Ghosts of Richard Harris.

Join us for this deeply personal discussion with Damian and Jamie Harris, as we uncover the man behind the actor, the father, and the public figure, Richard Harris. This episode promises to offer insights into the process of making a documentary, the challenges and rewards of exploring one’s family legacy, and the lasting impact of Richard Harris on the film industry and his family.