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Golden Globes Around the World Podcast: Nick Barose

In this week’s episode of the “Golden Globes Around the World ” podcast series, we’re taking you on an enlightening journey into the world of professional makeup artistry with our special guest, Nick Barose. Known for his exceptional talent in bringing out the best in every face he works with, including Lupita Nyong’o, Barose offers us a window into his colorful career and life story.

From growing up in Thailand to discovering his true passion in the art of makeup, Barose has cultivated a unique perspective on beauty. His childhood experiences, his initial forays into the world of drag, and his evolution into a sought-after makeup artist for Hollywood’s elite, all contribute to his distinct approach. He shares how makeup is not merely a means to conceal, but a powerful tool to express, empower, and transform.

HFPA member, Tina Jøhnk Chirstensen, delves into an engaging discussion with Barose, unpacking the artistry behind preparing for major events, understanding the nuances of color palettes and skin tones, and the importance of catering to an individual’s unique tastes. The conversation also explores how Barose’s cultural background and personal experiences shaped his career and fueled his creativity.

Join us for this intimate conversation with Nick Barose, as we delve into his fascinating journey and his vision of makeup as an art form. This episode is a treasure trove for anyone interested in understanding the world of professional makeup, the power of beauty, and the stories of the people who shape it.