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Golden Globes Around The World Podcast: Ukraine Okean Elzy’s Slava Vakarchuk

Only a few years ago, Slava Vakarchuk was touring the world as the famous lead singer of Okean Elzy, the most decorated rock band in Ukraine.

Now he’s touring his own country, but this time it’s in his role as a soldier staying behind to support Ukraine troops fighting the Russians. HFPA member Aniko Navai Skorka caught up with Vakarchuk on Zoom at an undisclosed location for an episode of our podcast series Golden Globes Around the World.” He talks about his journey from theoretical physics to music, his political activism and he even agrees to sing an impromptu a capella version of one of his favorite songs for listeners. The only thing the humble rock star won’t do, it seems, is allow himself to be described as a real solider or hero.

“I involved myself in the Army because I wanted to be part of the defense,” he explains in the podcast. “I do have a weapon and I did have some training, but nobody is expecting for me to be in typical conventional military action. Because I am a well-known person, people love to have me somewhere where I can raise morale and sing songs. So, what I’m actually doing is being who I am and going to places that want support.”