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Happy Birthday, Mr. Coppola!

"If I do have some period in which I know some power or money, I will watch out that it does not corrupt me", Francis Ford Coppola told us in December of 1990, when the last installment on his extraordinary Godfather trilogy was being released. Nominated seven times for Golden Globes in the writer and director categories – for The Godfather Part II, The Conversation, Apocalypse Now, The Cotton Club and The Godfather Part III – Coppola won three times: in 1973, for best director and best screenplay, for The GodfatherApocalypse Now.His life is as vast as your game-changing work – and he knows it. "My rollercoaster career has been partly related to the fact that I don't have one consistent style in my work", he told us back in 1990. "As for my excesses, I have always tried to be a professional film director. The only examples of the twenty odd films when I have had excessive budgets, were when it was my own money. (…) My career is like any of our lives. It has ups and downs, abnd at least I try always to do something that's a little beyond my reach. Sometimes I almost succeed."We salute Francis Ford Coppola, of Detroit, Michigan, for doing so much more than trying!