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Hero Moment-Comic-Con 2016: Melissa Benoist, Supergirl

Sunny Melissa Benoist stopped by the HFPA Comic-Con lounge to talk about Supergirl’s upcoming second season. She gave a few teasers: Kara, who arrived to Earth from the planet Krypton, will be more mature and tries to find balance in her life. But more than anything, she is very excited because the new season will introduce Supergirl’s super cousin, the man with a red cape – Superman, of course, played by Teen Wolf starTyler Hoechlin. Melissa describes him as a perfect choice for the role. “We get to see two people in capes kicking ass together,” she says. But that’s all she can reveal because season two hasn’t got into production yet.

Benoist knows that being a superhero and saving people can be a tough job. But cast members have had fun as well. When they filmed the first season they were sometimes joking and laughing between takes. “There was also one practical joke”, she recalls and laughs. That lasted several weeks. “There was a crew member that put a noise machine around the set at some point and would always press it when I was around or when someone was bending over and they would make some rubber chicken noise or something.  And it took me a good couple of months to figure out who did it and where the machine was.”

Maybe there will be more superhero jokes on the set of the next season.