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HFPA in Conversation: Aaron Sorkin’s and His Unexpectedly Timely New Film

Golden Globe winner Aaron Sorkin’s second directorial work, The Trial of the Chicago 7, became timelier than he could have thought when he started the project. He also wrote the script.

“I’ve been asked if the script changed at all to mirror the events in the world? No. Events in the world changed to mirror the script. Since that first day 14 years ago or at least when I started learning about the Chicago 7, I never wanted the film to be about 1968. I wanted it to be about today but I had no idea. No-one did how much today was going to resemble 1968 by the time the film came out. You know, we thought it was plenty relevant when we were making it last winter. We didn’t need it to get more relevant but it did,” Sorkin told HFPA journalist Vera Anderson.

The challenge all along was the budget and the riots. “That made me pretty nervous.”

His directorial debut Molly’s Game had three principal characters in it. “The Trial of the Chicago 7 had 14 principal characters in it and it has riots and tear gas. I had never even written violence into a movie or an episode of television or a play before, much less directed it, much less on this scale, where there were literally battle scenes that we were doing.”

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