Sacha Baron

The Honorable Supreme Leader of Wadiya, Shabazz Aladeen, met with members of the HFPA recently while promoting Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest – and most personal – film, The Dictator.

Surrounded by two members of his Virgin Guards security team, the Admiral General praised the HFPA for having so many members representing countries that were once ruled by dictators: “Germany, the Philippines, Argentina … you are a true inspiration. It doesn’t get any better than this!” according to the Supreme Leader.

  In between accusing one member of having undergone a sex change while forcing another to drop his trousers to prove his heritage, Aladeen promised his latest film would scoop this year’s Golden Globe Awards by winning at least seven, claiming “I myself have already done the voting.”
In closing, the Admiral General showed his generosity by forcing several HFPA members to pose with him —at gun point.

Sacha Baron shooting Armando Gallo

Sacha Baron shooting Armando Gallo