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Indivisible (Italy)

Two twin sisters – excellent singers – never leave each other’s side. Nor could they, since they are Siamese twins, attached at the hip. Indivisible (Indivisibili), acclaimed at the last Venice Film Festival, where it premiered,  is the third film by Italian director Edoardo De Angelis (Mozzarella Story, Perez). The film tells the fictional story of Viola and Daisy, in their early 20's, who are exploited by their family for their singing talent, hired out to celebrations and mob weddings.Until the need to separate from each another (through a difficult and expensive surgery) becomes an obsession at least for one of the two twins. The sisters  are played by newcomers Angela e Marianna Fontana, identical twins and singers in real life. The film is set on the squalid background of the "Terra dei fuochi" in the outskirt of Naples, a stark contrast between the outside and the inside, the ugliness and the yearning for beauty. Songs and lyrics play a pivotal role in the film with its insistence on the "neomelodic" sound typical of the Neapolitan hinterlands (the main setting of the movie). The original soundtrack is by the eccentric and prolific Neapolitan musician Enzo Avitabile, the subject of Jonathan Demme's 2012 documentary.Despite its sad setting, the film manages to be vibrant, entertaining, uplifting, and was enthusiastically embraced by the critics and audience all over Italy. Says De Angelis: "I grew up in a little town close to Caserta, not far away from Naples: behind our house there was an abandoned lime quarry, a gutted mountain; in the front there were the foundations of a monstrous never-completed building. Inside me there was a strong desire for beauty. Whatever my work in cinema might be, was born right there, not from cinema itself."In telling the story of the Siamese twins, De Angelis wanted to find an extraordinary rebellion of purity against the tyrannical arrogance of corruption. "In their story I found the heartbreaking humanity of normality. The film also talks about the pain of separation, be it from your parents, from your loved one, friends and so on. We all suffer from separation anxiety."Indivisible was showcased at the Toronto International Film Festival and the London Film festival. The Fontana sisters’ acting has been unanimously praised. "I was really lucky to find these two unknown gems, who have been singing, dancing and acting since they were little girls," says De Angelis. "They have a bright future, as actresses and singers. They have been cast, separately, for upcoming films. I'm proud of this discovery. Do you have any idea how difficult it is performing while attached, literally, to another body?