• Golden Globe Awards

Instant Love (Spain)

A funny and quick-paced sex comedy (79 minutes) about modern love the way it might happen to bored couples in Valencia, where the film was shot. The film is directed by Juanjo Moscardó and Suso Imbernón, based on a screenplay by María Mínguez, María Laura Gargarella and Moscardó himself. Sex is the center of our story. The film opens with Pablo (Enrique Arce) and Blanca (Lorena López) going through a bit of sex looking very bored and talking about the weather. They have a good life and they have been long married and living in a modern loft in the Carmen district of Valencia. Feeling trapped in their listless marriage, they decide to experiment with swinging, reaching out for a little help from two single friends, who don’t know each other: Mía (Macarena Gómez) and Lucas (Luis Miguel Seguì) who will fly down from London.
The four of them have arranged to meet in a bar, but just before leaving, Blanca and Pablo have a strong discussion that will make them reconsider everything they have always believed about sex, love and married life: from whether they love each other, to why they have a food processor, and so they miss the date with Mia and Luis. Immediately they seem to disobey the first fundamental rule of swinging: do not do it if you are in marriage crisis. And second, don’t do it with a single partner.
Meanwhile, at the bar, Mía meets Lucas and it’s clear that Mia and Lucas fancy each other. They are cautious and they laugh as Lucas may be in love with someone else, and Mia does not believe in love, but cupid seems to be at work here.  We follow the two couples back to the apartment, where the quartet gets into some funny action on the couch and in bed. Pablo and Blanca, in the arms of Mia and Lucas, respectively, discover themselves looking at each other instead of going into a new sexual adventure. Maybe they are not the modern lovers they thought they could be? Or maybe Mia and Lucas are falling in … Instant Love.