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Italian Box Office, May 23-30, 2022

Its first official week outdid even better than expectations. Top Gun: Maverick, out in Italy since March 25th, already raked in over 4 million euros: 4.253.527, to be exact. No wonder: Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise, and nothing can compare to some good old Eighties nostalgia.

Speaking of which, Nostalgia, by Mario Martone, starring Pierfrancesco Favino, also conquered a spot in Italy moviegoers’ hearts. After its success during the Cannes Film Festival, where it was honored with a 9-minute long ovation, the film ranked number two during the weekend (€ 425.916 on Saturday and Sunday and 504.867 since its release on May 25th) and now sits at the third step of the podium in the weekly top ten chart. The premiere at the Modernissimo movie theater in Naples attracted flocks of fans. The Neapolitan filmmaker, together with actor Francesco Di Leva – well-known in Italy as one of the stars of Gomorra, the successful tv series based on Roberto Saviano’s true crime novel – and Father Loffredo, the priest behind the renaissance of the infamous Rione Sanità in the city, a troubled neighborhood where the film is set, presented the film, surrounded by selfies and an excited crowd. “Moviemaking in Naples is great – Martone said, with great pride, during the event – we learned it from the great Maestros like Eduardo De Filippo and Massimo Troisi. It feels good to see theaters finally full again”.

Doctor Stange and the Multiverse of Madness holds second place on this week’s top chart grossing € 617,597 for a grand total of over 13 million euros. In fourth place, we find Esterno Notte – Part 1 by Marco Bellocchio, with €165,868 and a total of €380,924. Fifth is Dog, with €85,736 and a total of €342,776.

On Sunday, May 29, total takings were €1,599,89. Let’s move on to the week’s figures: from May 23 to 29, the box office was 5,061,540 euros, attendance 711,392. During the weekend, however, the box office was 4,088,129 euros (+85.3% compared to the previous weekend), and total attendance was 561,896. Compared to three years ago, the total gross was 6,583,479 euros. Therefore, a -37.9 percent difference has been recorded. A slow recovery is on the way.

When it comes to home video, Ennio, the documentary about the great Maestro Ennio Morricone, conquered a second place in the domestic market, only surpassed by The Batman. The best is yet to come when it comes to Tv. Variety has announced a new upcoming series starring Italy’s beloved Monica Bellucci who will play Tina Modotti, the famous Friulian revolutionary, anti-fascist, communist photographer who went as far as Mexico but also lived in the United States, Canada, Austria, and Russia. The title of the international miniseries will be Radical Eye: The Life and Time of Tina Modotti, directed by Edoardo De Angelis known for the film Indivisibili (six David di Donatello and 6 Nastri d’Argento), who will present his new film Il vizio della speranza at the upcoming Rome Film Festival (October 18th to 28th).