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Italian Box Office, Week of March 20-27, 2022

The Batman continues to run at the Italian box office. For the fourth weekend in a row, it still took home the highest taking in Italy, although 47% lower than seven days earlier. With a total of € 9,216,570, the DC film is the second highest-grossing film in Italy, after Spider-Man: No Way Home, since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Below the unreachable superheroes, Italian cinema is beginning to show signs of recovery by 2022. Growth both in terms of takings and presence in cinemas, which are less and less subject to Coronavirus restrictions, but also in terms of new production. Italy’s Southern region -Apulia, in particular- has attracted many ongoing sets, both Italian and international.

Back to the box-office top-grossing movies, the Italian rom-com Corro da te held up very well. In its second week in theatres, Riccardo Milano’s romantic comedy starring Pierfrancesco Favino and Miriam Leone grossed €532,913 over the weekend, €724,124 for the whole week, losing just 21% compared to the previous weekend. The total amount since its release is now €1,417,008. Closing the podium is Licorice Pizza, the long-awaited ninth film by Paul Thomas Anderson, while in fourth place is the new release Spencer. The auteur biopic on Lady D. directed by Pablo Larraín with Kristen Stewart, released on 24th March, collected €303,303.

The new releases are many. On March 31st three new Italian productions will hit the theaters. Mancino naturale by Salvatore Allocca with Claudia Gerini, Francesco Colella, Massimo Ranieri, Alessio Perinelli and Katia Ricciarelli, which tells the story of the determination of a single mother willing to go beyond her means in order to give her son a chance in the ruthless world of professional soccer. The same day also sees the release of Federica Biondi’s La ballata dei gusci infranti, a film which tells four stories set at the foot of the Sibillini mountains, in the heart of Italy, and ll muto di Gallura by Matteo Fresi, a dark film inspired by a true story and set in Gallura, the most beautiful and sought-after area of Sardinia.

Speaking of Italian cinema, there is great anticipation for Sophia!. The docufilm produced by LaPresse with Rai Documentari and Cinecittà, which tells the story of Sophia Loren‘s life, will be produced in 2022. Narrated by Sophia Loren herself through archive material from Italy and around the world. Never-before-seen footage with Italian and international radio and television interviews, commented on by six Italian actresses who have a personal relationship of esteem and friendship with the Diva. The director, Marco Spagnoli, aims high with a cast of actresses such as Claudia Gerini, Ludovica Nasti, Margareth Madè, Matilde Gioli, Valeria Solarino and Lina Sastri. From her love for Carlo Ponti, to her flirtation with Cary Grant, her devotion to Vittorio De Sica, and her unique friendship and professional complicity with Marcello Mastroianni, the film spans the actress’s professional and personal life, which consecrated her as the last great Diva of international cinema and an icon of Italian excellence loved throughout the world.