Jane Fonda and Lorenzo Soria at the HFPA Restoration Summit 2020. In collaboration with The American Cinemateque at the Egyptian Theater, Hollywood. Photos by Magnus Sundholm FEBRUARY !%, 2020
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Jane Fonda returns to Summit with restored “FTA”

FTA is the title of a documentary, lost for almost 50 years, directed by Francine Parker and produced by 15-time Golden Globe nominee and 7 times winner Jane Fonda with eight-time Golden Globe nominee and two-time winner Donald Sutherland    

FTA has now found a new life thanks to the restoration efforts of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the grant made to IndieCollect to restore the negatives and fix the color, sound and the credits of the film, which will hopefully soon find a distributor and be brought back to theaters, schools, and festivals around the world. That interest was immediately clear after the sold-out premiere of the film at the Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theater, where the great, indomitable Jane Fonda was welcomed by a long-standing ovation, introduced the film

normal’>FTA emerged during the first HFPA restoration summit in 2019, when Fonda, sitting alongside Alexander Payne and Thierry Fréémaux, who runs the Cannes Film Festival, and I thought maybe Payne will cast me in a movie if I come down! I thought, ‘I better study a little bit about film restoration’. And I suddenly realized how important it is and then I realized that I also made a few documentaries, especially the one shown here tonight, that kind of disappeared.”

Bob Hopenormal’>Klute and Donald Sutherland and I were sitting in a room and Howard Levy came and he said how about doing an anti-Bob Hope anti-war tour for soldiers, and call it FTA, Fuck the Army? (laughter) Even though we called it Fun, Travel, and Adventure.  (laughter) or Free the Army.  But there was a GI newspaper called FTA, Fuck the Army. And so we really responded to Howard’s suggestion and a year later off we went.”

  Well, the GIs and their families were Middle America.”