Lennon at leica Los Angeles
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Julian Lennon, Photographer, Shows his Craft in Los Angeles

On a week with Beatlemania in the air – thanks to the release of Golden Globe winner Ron Howard’s documentary The Beatles Eight Days a Week:The Touring Years – Julian Lennon met up with the HFPA at a gallery Los Angeles currently showing his Cycle series of photos, focused on the lives of diverse people who inhabit the borders of the South China Sea. Lennon talked to us about his many interests in music and philanthropy – John Lennon’s first son is a kind and generous man with his many talents. 

During the interview he finally cleared the long time mystery surrounding the meaning of ‘Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” that many thought spelled out “LSD” – the inspiration instead came from a watercolor painting that Julian did for school when he was 5 years old. Julian told us he now hopes to pick up painting again – and he’s working towards a record release before Christmas this year.