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Keylee Sanders

“I understand the emotional relationship people have with clothing. It plays a big part when styling a client,” says Keylee Sanders of Style Studio, who has made stars like Sara Hyland, Maria Menounos, and Courtney Ford (True Blood, Dexter) look red carpet ravishing. “Often the gown they wear on the night is the first gown they choose to try on – there’s something to be said about first instincts.”
Not only has the Golden Globes long been the best party in town, but it’s also a predictor of styles that will trend throughout the year. As the first major televised award show of the season, it is on the red carpet that we witness avant-garde creations of Fashion Week catwalks from around the world. The gowns chosen by the stars are then ‘knocked-off’ or replicated in less precious fabrics and at prices that are accessible to the rest of us regular folk. The colors and styles find themselves reflected in everything from street clothing to office wear. Last year J-Lo set the trend with her lacy see-through dress that wasn’t see-through at all; rather, it was lined with a flesh colored petticoat that seemed to show more than it did. Rachel Weisz was ahead of a trend that showed the mini as an evening gown. A solid layer beneath a see-through one that is flattering for the more mature crowd has been mimicked by all ages. Throughout the year other celebs have become more and more daring in revealing gowns that have forgone the lining altogether, e.g. Miley Cyrus, Rhianna, but the inspiration was J-lo at the 2013 Golden Globes.
Jennifer Lawrence, always ahead of the curve, chose a gown that celebrated last year’s definitive fashion feature: the rediscovery of the waist, with a cerise cinched bodice gown. Street style followed quickly with high waisted trousers, shorts, fitted tops that cinch the middle and flare gently above the hips, and cropped tops that only the very young should wear, exposing a hint of naked midriff.
So what can we expect the glamorous and the beautiful to wear this Sunday at the Globes? “The focus will be on ‘suggestive necklines,’” says Keylee, who holds a degree in fashion design. “Also, Y-necklines and peek-a-boo bodices that are sexy on women of all ages.”
Jewels are expected to include stones in the Sugarloaf and Cabochon cut, semiprecious bright colors mixed with metals in statement pieces. Peter Young of INTA gems points out that Radiant Orchid is 2014’s color of the year – a rich purple – and likely to make an appearance on the carpet in both stones and fabric. He predicts a mix of tanzanite and sapphires combined with white diamonds.
Handbags are usually understated at these events and relegated to one’s publicist, or plus one, unless it is an item itself. The Jewelry Box shape will likely dominate.
Shoes will be revealing and sexy, heeled with ankle emphasis and exposed toes.
Overall, the trend is away from disaster outfits of the past; elegance combined with fresh sex appeal have become the watch words of the day. Black is usually saved for the Oscars. The Globes are the place where people push the boundaries but with taste.
“In the end,” Keylee points out, “The gown that is chosen takes many factors into consideration – emotional reaction, how confident they feel in the dress, the stage they are at in their careers – it’s a subtle combination of all of those factors. They have to love it and feel like a million dollars in it, and that inner glow will sparkle throughout the night.”
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