LACHSA – Los Angeles County High School for the Arts

HFPA Grantee

Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA), the famed Arts High School, is located on the Cal State LA campus in East LA. It is considered to be one of the few top arts high schools in the country. And it seems appropriate that it is situated in Los Angeles, the creative capital of the US and, arguably, of the world. The School was established in 1985, and it is famous not only for its high-caliber arts education but also its high-standard academics. It accommodates about 600 students who represent the multicultural and multiethnic environment of the city and the nation. LACHSA boasts first-rate teachers who are all active in their respective professional domains. Low and high-income students are attracted to this tuition-free school, as it guarantees an excellent education and future opportunities. According to the school records, the class of 2017 had a matriculation rate of over 96% to stellar colleges and universities such as CalArts and Harvard.

Admissions are strictly based on artistic merit. All students are auditioned in one of the six arts areas – theater, musical theater, dance, visual arts, music and cinematic arts – and are judged by a panel of impartial professionals without consideration of economic, geographic, religious or ethnic background.

The students receive training in multiple areas: there is collaboration among students within their chosen fields and across all six fields. They learn to work under the pressure of deadlines, collaborate and to stay focused on their immediate goals.

LACHSA’s film and performance festivals are the Program’s tentpoles, measuring individual accomplishments, and functioning much like Hollywood’s awards shows. The 64-Hour Film Festival, the Music Video Film Festival – which has a strong performance aspect-, the Cinema Scare Night, and the Moondance Festival are the School’s main annual events.

Graduating from LACHSA is an important step to entering a career in the arts, although non-artistic career choices are also contemplated. The proximity to Hollywood, as well as the emphasis on maintaining a professional and accomplished faculty, are two important pillars for the School’s ambition and success.

Visit their website: http://lachsa.net