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Learn From The Stars: How To Wear Bling

There’s a right way to wear bling. It seems like it should be easy. You got it – you flaunt it. Well, hang on. It’s not that simple. Sure, diamonds are always a girl’s best friend, but lately colored gems are dominating, and there’s an art to wearing look-at-me jewelry that has to be obeyed. It’s all about balance. Too much color with strong make-up and tussled hair and better call the lifeguard because no matter who you are, you’ll get lost in the chaos. Jessica Alba shows how to wear colored jewels: clean make up, hair pulled back softly, lips offsetting the gems. Julianne Moore keeps the hair controlled, the make up subtle, the emeralds making a statement. Jennifer Anniston takes it in the other direction. One of the things she does better than anyone is hair. Here it’s controlled, yet sexy. The necklace is invisible until the chest, anchoring the eyes just where she wants them.



Kate Bosworth is going after the right balance, but the severe hair is something few can pull off. The large earring in this instance would have been better served with a softer style. Emily Blunt does it perfectly. Soft makeup, gentle hair, large diamond circled emeralds; everything in balance.

Look for men to wear their bling in the form of exquisite watches, (see Adrien Brody) lapel pins (Will Smith), or if you are Johnny Depp everything from rings, bracelets and neck adornment. He usually breaks every rule, yet makes it work.