attends Premiere Of Neon’s “I, Tonya” at the Egyptian Theatre on December 5, 2017 in Hollywood, California.
  • Golden Globe Awards

Margot Robbie – 75th Golden Globes Nominee

Nominee, Best Actress, Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy (I, Tonya)

Hailing from the farmlands of Dalby, Australia, Margot Robbie has charmed audiences everywhere with her beauty, talent, and dedication to female empowerment. While initially in roles such as Laura Cameron in ABC’s Pan Am (2012) and Naomi Lapaglia in Scorsese’s Golden Globe winner The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), which heavily relied on her beauty, she has come to show that she is more than just a pretty face, tackling more complex and intense roles like the dangerously sexy Harley Quinn in DC’s Suicide Squad (2016) and the disgraced and misunderstood star athlete Tonya Harding in I, Tonya (2017). The 27-year old actress, who stars as the titular character in the dark comedy sports film I, Tonya (2017), is nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture- Musical or Comedy. Coming into the role with no knowledge about the 1994 scandal, she expressed sympathy for Tonya Harding from research, saying “I think with anything the more you look into it the more you’re going to see someone else’s side of the story”.She emphasized how the media overlooked Harding’s immense athletic talent, recalling that the production had a very difficult time finding a stunt double to perform Harding’s signature triple axel. “Tonya was the first U.S. woman to do it in a competition. And since there’s been like six or seven. People just can’t do triple axles, it’s a crazy thing to do,” she Robbie reflected.Robbie not only took on the task of skating for the first time in her life but also producing the Golden Globe-nominated film. She cited her time on the hit Australian TV show The Neighbours (1985-) as training for her producer role, explaining that spending so much time on set helped her understand everyone else’s job on set.She added that she found producing to be a very empowering experience.“It’s not just about the stories with female characters in the lead but it’s about having female writers and it’s about having female directors and cinematographers,” she said. “All those statistics where the ratio is male to female and all those positions are way out of whack. And I think a lot of people know we need to do something about it.”When asked about her recent marriage to Tom Ackerley, her co-producer on the film, she responded, “I am very grateful that I am married and I am very excited about that. But more than that, I am a producer on this film and I would so much rather talk about that. Everyone is asking me what it’s like to be married and no one is asking what it’s like to be one of the youngest actress/producers with a studio deal.”Her hard work shows, as her list of films to be released within the next year is long and diverse.