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Maximillian Schell (1930 – 2014)

Maximilian Schell, the Swiss-Austrian actor who won a Golden Globe for his role in Judgment at Nuremberg (1962) and a second one in 1992 for the TV Movie Lenin, died last Saturday in Innsbruck, Austria. He was 83. The role that made him famous was that of a lawyer defending Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg trials, in Stanley Kramer’s film. It had an all-star cast, including Spencer Tracy, Judy Garland and Montgomery Clift, but it was Schell that was nominated and ultimately won a Globe and an Academy Award. Schell was born in Vienna on Dec. 8, 1930, to Ferdinand Schell, a Swiss-born playwright and pharmacy owner, and the former Margaret he Noé von Nordberg, an Austrian actress. He came to Hollywood in 1958 and built a successful career in film, television and theater. Later in life he also directed films and documentaries. He was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Man in a Glass Booth (1976) and as Supporting Actor, for Julia (1978).