• Golden Globe Awards

Mother (Spain)

Stockholm and ) under his belt when he decided to bet on a smaller project. The story is inspired by a real-life event, though it never took the tragic tone of the film. That short film is now part of the new feature film of the same title that the Spanish director is using to bring back Elena´s story. Now, a decade later, Elena and her husband are very much estranged. The emotionally sunken Elena now lives in a clammy coastal enclave of a small French town, close to the beach where her son was seen for the last time. Something keeps her anchored in this place. Elena works at a café, has very few friends, and lead a quiet life. Until she sees Jean, a teenager that reminds her of her son and decides to follow him.

Mother is how a loss is overcome and guilt is atoned. We liked the idea that this love story with the place where she lives, where she loves and is happy helps her to expiate that guilt”, explains the director.