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Ms. Golden Globes: Ready for Her Close-Up

Resplendent in a cream tulle rhinestone-studded Ted Baker dress and matching shoes by Jerome Rousseau, Greer Grammer, our new Miss Golden Globe, hosted a luncheon for bloggers from various online media outlets at the Beverly Hilton three days before the
big show.  The honor of Miss Golden Globes goes to the offspring of a former Golden Globe winner. Greer Grammer is the daughter of Kelsey Grammer and Barrie Buckner. Others who have held the title include Laura Dern (1982), Dakota Johnson (2006), Joely Fisher (1992), Melanie Griffith (1975) and Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anastasia Steele, Dakota Johnson. Present at the luncheon were bloggers from the LA Times, Buzzfeed, US Weekly, Glamour and People magazines, among others. Greer answered questions from attendees – yes, she’s a little nervous; no, she won’t let us know what she’s wearing, though it will have “some sparkle;” she’s looking forward to meeting Reese Witherspoon; and she’s been practicing wearing those high heels.  Ms Golden Globes 2015 also sat with the HFPA’s Margaret Gardiner to speak about
the experience. Already a success, having done the MTV show Awkward, Greer was excited at the idea of being Miss Golden Globes. “It’s incredible to be part of this list of people who have gone on to amazing careers.” Of course the perfect gown has to be found. She tosses her long blonde hair smiling, “I’ve done three fittings so far and we have a couple of front runners. We have a few more to go, it takes about an hour as you go through dress after dress. It’s been fun. I’ve also tested with L’Oreal Paris to ensure the perfect make-up. It makes me feel like a princess trying on beautiful clothes – which I love – it’s been pretty fun.” The girl who loved to play dress-up as a kid, pretending to be a different Disney character every day adds: “I watched Cinderella, and My Fair Lady a lot, and used to throw tantrums when my mom tried to dress me in jeans. I wanted to be a Princess!” She laughs. “People think if you are the daughter of a notable actor, it’s easier for you to get cast. I think you have to work harder to prove that you can act. I have to get the job on my own. They are not hiring my dad, so even if it helps get me in the room, it’s still up to me.” Her father, Kelsey Grammer, the former star of Cheers, Frasier and Boss, hasn’t given her any advice on how to handle the evening. “Growing up in Hollywood I think I know what to do. If someone is eating breakfast you don’t go over and go, “Hi, I like you so much.” The 22 year old cringes. “I know not to approach movie stars,” though she does admit that she’s excited to see Reese Witherspoon and Benedict Cumberbatch. “She’s my favorite actress and I’m a huge fan of his,” she enthuses. And the hosts of the event? “Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? Are you kidding me? To be on the same stage with them? I think everybody loves Tina and Amy and I am so excited to just be able to meet them and stand in their presence.” As excited as she is, she has a few fears too. “I will eat breakfast and maybe have a sip of champagne, but probably not. I don’t even want to drink too much water, because I am scared of being on stage and having to go to the bathroom,” Grammer laughs earnestly. “You can’t leave once the show begins.” The yoga lover has one other fear – falling. “I’m terrified about tripping. Bringing in the awards is the one job you have, so it would be embarrassing if I fell. I’ve been practicing walking in long dresses and heels, as I don’t think any of the other Miss Golden Globes has ever fallen – so leave that to me!” She’d be in good company if she did – Jennifer Lawrence is famous for stumbling on the red carpet and almost lost her jewelry at last year’s Golden Globe Award Ceremony and when Christine Lahti was announced as the winner of the Best Actress in a TV Series – drama, she was in the bathroom. The one thing you can count on with the Golden Globes is that anything can happen. Stay tuned Media-savvy Greer is an active tweeter with more than 76,000 followers. Follow her at @greer_grammer for updates as she gets ready for her big night.