June 7, 2018 – Hollywood, California, U.S. – AMY ADAMS promotes the movie ‘Sharp Objects’ in Hollywood. (Credit Image: © Armando Gallo via ZUMA Studio)
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On Music: Amy Adams, With Music in Her Blood

Two-time Golden Globe winner Amy Adams trained as a ballerina but, at 18, found musical theater more to her liking. Music is in her blood – she had her breakthrough as a Disney Princess in the musical Enchanted. She can be seen on the new HBO limited series Sharp Objects, directed by another music fan,  Jean-Marc Vallée, known to have always music playing on the set. “Does that help you?” we asked Amy.

“Well, it helps me understand the intensity of certain scenes that (Vallée) was going for and where he wanted them to build to. So that’s always very helpful. I don’t typically use music because my experience with music is so personal that it brings me back into Amy and away from the character. Unless it’s really helpful to serve a scene or I know the music that the…like David O. Russell would play music when we do the walk down the hallway, he played that music or at the nightclub that music was playing. So it’s really helpful to understand tone, I do find, and to understand the director’s vision.”