August 5, 2018 – Hollywood, California, U.S. – Actress ANGELA BASSETT promotes the TV series ‘9-1-1’ in Hollywood. (Credit Image: © Armando Gallo via ZUMA Studio)
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For Angela Bassett, Music It’s the Language of the Soul

Golden Globe winner for her amazing performance as Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do With it Angela Bassett is very much in love with music as a universal language: We can be from different parts of the world and just hear a strain of music and it can make us both weep , she told us as we met for her role in TV series 9-1-1 We agreed that it might very well be the language of the soul and when I asked her how much it intersect with her love for acting, she said:

“I have used it often, doing a play or a particular character I’ll listen to certain songs or instrumentals and they really hit my spirit or soul and they just take you there emotionally.  Music is able to do that in a way sometimes just the straight word on the page might not be able to, but it compliments it. If I’ve had scenes where it’s like hmm and I think its emotional range I’ll just put on something and you begin to just think and feel and see and then you’re there, you know. I was in a play on Broadway and for two hours and 10 minutes they talked about my character coming; so by the time she got there you go to 100:  you have to be there, so I would listen to music just to stay in a certain mind frame. I find it very helpful. but when I’ve had to actually get up and open my mouth and sing, that’s been some of the most nerve-wracking. But the characters get there.”