Billy Bob Thornton.
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On Music: Billy Bob Thornton, Old Rock ‘N Roll Fan

Golden Globe winner Billy Bob Thornton – already on our TV screens with the Amazon series Goliath – returns to theaters as Bad Santa 2. But he is also putting the final touch to yet another pop CD called Tea Surfing, a title that came from the brilliant mind of his 12-year-old daughter Bella. “I love acting and music equally,” Billy Bob told us. “They give me different things. Music is more immediate. As an actor, you are performing something that people aren’t going to see for a long time, but music, you are doing it right now in front of people. And records come out fairly quickly, especially these days. I grew up around both of them but I grew up in music and I will always be a music geek and I can’t help it. I am one of those guys who misses (vinyl) albums because I love to read the liner notes and all of that stuff. So yeah, I am an old rock and roll fan and I grew up as a roadie and a musician and that was the first thing for me and that was all that I ever wanted to do. That and play baseball!"