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On Music: Carey Mulligan Goes ‘Mudbound’ with Spirituals

Golden Globe nominee Carey Mulligan stars in the upcoming Netflix film Mudbound, a classic story of the rural South in the ’40s. The movie is a close adaptation of Hillary Jordan’s novel of the same title.  We asked Mulligan about music and the affinity it has with her acting. Iconic singer Mary J. Blige is also in the movie and we were wondering if music inspired Carey to portray her character of Laura, the wife of a Delta farmer and mother of two little girls.

“Yeah.  Dee Rees, our director, actually put together a really beautiful playlist. She gave each one of us a little playlist, before we started filming, of music, with lots of church choir music, gospel music.  Yes, I tend to listen to music before tricky scenes, just to sort of shut out the noise of the crew and the stuff that is going around and try and focus.’