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On Music: ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Rachel Bloom Relishes The Power of A Good Show Tune

Golden Globe winner Rachel Bloom, star of the CW series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – in which music plays a major role-  says that show tunes were a healthy companion growing up. “As an only child, music was how I escaped into a fantasy world, to be honest. It’s how I imagined different scenarios, especially to sing the show tunes. I would spend hours just listening to show tunes and dancing in front of my own mirror. And so for me, it was very much a form of healthy escapism.”

In the show, Bloom says, the fantasy element of show tunes is explored “like classical music”. “The way that we come up with the musical numbers is (by asking) what are the most emotionally heightened moments in the episode? And then we let the emotion lead us. So that’s why I think music is important because it sparks your emotions.”

Music keeps being a trusted companion in Bloom’s life beyond the show: “When I’m sad it helps me wallow in the sadness more. When I’m happy it kind of emphasizes the emotion that I’m feeling and makes it bigger. You always win with music.”