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On Music: The (Furious) Passion of Guy Ritchie

English film director Guy Ritchie’s childhood dream – to do the ultimate cinematic version of the legend of King Arthur -has become reality. The movie, King Arthur – The legend of the Sword, will be out worldwide next week, but when we talked to Guy in New York we were surprised at how music was crucial to him.

“I spent exactly a third of my time on the entire film about music. it It took three years to create that score. My first job was in the music business, so I am always caught between ‘do I want to be in the music business, or do I want to be in the film business?’  And the great thing about movies is that you can have a bit of both.  But the music in particular for this was fundamental in the sense that how you get to make an historical narrative feel contemporary and accessible to a modern audience?  Some of the songs we used, like one called “Wild Berry”, were a thousand years old.  And then we made a contemporary sound to that, but the instruments that we used were still old instruments. It was an enormous narrative that goes into the music. The only time I ever lose my temper, is over music, never about making a film.”