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On Music: ‘Maestro’ Gael García Bernal Listens To The Spirits

Gael García Bernal is one of the most talented Mexican movie actors, now branching out to American films and television. Last January he was awarded a Golden Globe for his starring role as a specially gifted musician and maestro in the Amazon series Mozart in the Jungle. So how important is music today for him? Can he read a script without some music in the background? “No absolutely. I have to listen to music in my life all the time and I am starting to play a little bit. I am still an amateur, well in the best sense of the word, so I just do it for the love of it. I think that is the best thing that happened to me with Mozart in the Jungle – I am getting this wonderful opportunity and privilege to be able to experience music and embody it… (For the new season) we were just shooting in the Canals of Venice , we were playing in La Fenice Opera House. We played ibn some of the most amazing places on Earth.  We get a chance to talk with the spirits while doing music.  It is a great privilege to express it all through music.”