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On Music: For Nick Nolte, It’s Power To The People

Nick Nolte, a Golden Globe winner and a nominee this year (again) for his starring role in the TV comedy series Graves, is a huge fan of the music of the ’60s and ‘70s that freed, in his views, the American youth mentality from the military and political oppression of the ‘50s.  Let’s hear what the iconic actor said when he was asked how important music has been in his life:

“Oh, big.  Big, big, big because, as egotistical as it may sound, we revolutionized this country with music.  We went from a very conservative, hard-edged World War II fear mentality to kind of this ochre power for right wing military government. Finally they were doing wars that there was no morality. I sold draft cards and I was put under the Youth Correction Act as long as I was on probation for the duration of the Vietnam War. The Beatles, Dylan, Neil Young had a strong voice for us. Marvin Gaye wrote the compelling “What’s Going On”. That was a switch from playwriting to music as the main voice speaking to the young audience. To this day I am a huge fan of Neil Young.”