October 7, 2013 – Hollywood, California, U.S. – HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – OCTOBER 7: Portrait of Robert Redford promoting ”All is Lost” in Hollywood California on October 7, 2013. (Credit Image: © Armando Gallo/ZUMA Studio)
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On Music: Robert Redford, a True Believer, Not Quite Saying Goodbye

The OId Man and the Gun was announced as Robert Redford’s last movie as an actor. “I will stay in the business as a director and producer,” he assured us, adding that he never said, “This is my last movie. I always said that it could be.” Happy with the clarification, we took the opportunity to ask the iconic Hollywood star -and multiple Golden Globe winner, and a Cecil B. deMille recipient – how much music helped him as an actor throughout the years.

“Oh, that’s an interesting question,” he said. “I think music plays a great role because it has to do with rhythm. I think that when I’m acting, I hear music. I think for example, the music that George Roy Hill applied to The Sting, Scott Joplin… George played that music for me before we did the film. So it went into my head. So as I was playing the character, I heard that music which gave me a physical impulse. I believe that music is extremely important in film.”

And as a director, do you think that music is an added protagonist?

“Yes, yes, I do. I think music is a very vital part. Sometimes it’s not used, and then that’s that. But when it is used, I think you can see, you can feel it. You could feel a movie that has music in it because it becomes part of the movie, becomes part of the rhythm. So I’m a big believer in the value of music in film.”