• Golden Globe Awards

My first Golden Globes was worth the wait!

When I became a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association in October of 2021, the privilege of attending a Golden Globes ceremony was never a given. As almost anyone reading this article already knows, the organization was under fire for several reasons, and a list of reforms had to be enacted for NBC and Hollywood to sign off on the show’s return. The fact that I’m writing this is a testament to some of those changes as I’m in a class of 21 journalists who were, in part, brought in by the organization to help diversify its ranks. While many other reforms did happen, and rather quickly, over the past year and a half, it wasn’t until a few months ago that I knew I’d finally get to experience the night that defines the organization.  
Growing up I watched all the big awards shows, but the Oscars and the Globes were always my favorite events as they were the nights when Hollywood opened its curtain. The Globes were fun to watch as we all knew to expect the unexpected, courtesy of the copious amounts of Moët & Chandon flowing. From home, it always looked as though every celebrity was carefree, despite their words and gestures being instantaneously broadcast to millions. As a first-time attendee, I can verify that those broadcasts picked up on a very authentic exuberance in the ballroom.
This was not the first awards show I’ve attended. When I was a young music journalist, I used to cover events like the MTV Video Music Awards and The Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony, and those events always appeared (and in my case also felt) stressful, for both the talent and the press. But there was a distinctly different, laid-back vibe at the Beverly Hilton last night.
I was “on assignment,” so to speak, as I was live-blogging from my seat to the Golden Globes website feed, trying to add color to the events of the night for everyone tracking the awards—but even that assignment was a blast! I mean, try to stop me from spouting my opinions about the heartfelt speeches, the off-the-cuff celebrity interactions, and jaw-dropping outfits!
When I wasn’t chatting with other members at my table, keeping an eye on where Brad Pitt and Colin Farrell were at every moment, or on my phone giving and getting the latest news, I was inhaling the incredible food and drink. It was awe-inspiring to watch the hard-working wait staff balance our Icelandic salmon and champagne while navigating the incredibly tight spaces between our boisterous and bustling tables.
And at the Billboard after-party, it was hard to tell the difference between the “talent” and non-SAG-card-carrying guests. Between literally running into the goth pair of the year: Jenna Ortega and Britt Lower, uncharacteristically beaming on the way to the bar, or commiserating with the cast of Abbott Elementary on how important it is to highlight the work of everyday teachers on screen, it felt like everyone in the room was on the same gratitude page. We were all dancing, smiling, taking pics, drinking, and stuffing our faces with shrimp and pizza. It felt like prom night for the highest-achieving, most charming, and most ridiculously attractive specialized high school. We’d all worked so hard—as actors, producers, writers, make-up artists, and photographers to get to this night, that none of us were going to take one second of the joy for granted.