• Golden Globe Awards

My Murderer (Russia)

A young detective in the Northern Russian region of Yakutia is dealing with a seemingly simple murder case. The investigation becomes a dangerous journey into the world of illegal mining and gold trafficking in which life has no value. Will the case remain as simple as it seemed at first sight? Will the detective’s experience be enough to reveal the truth? Will his friends stay faithful or betray him? There are no simple answers in this film.My Murderer won the Grand Prix of the 4th Yakutsk International Film Festival and the Golden Snow Glasses prize in the feature film competition. The leading actress Galina Tihonova, also a screenwriter. He works in the Yakutia (Saha) Republic in Russia. This year My Murderer was in the main competition of the 2nd Asian World Film Festival in Los Angeles. The picture is perceived in Russia as one which opens new horizons for the Yakutian cinema.It was a box office success in Yakutia movie theaters, and shown at Moscow International Film Festival.Georges Chamchoum, the executive and program director of the Asian World Festival, who himself visited Yakutia, said: “Yakutia is my passion. Since I discovered Yakutia little less than 10 years ago, I fell in love with the people and the little did I know when I discovered this magical country that I would discover an incredible and surprising film industry. I was surprised to hear that of all the Republics in Russia, Yakutia was the number one in film production. I discovered the wealth of talents that burgeoned in this amazing vast country with less than a million inhabitants”.