• Golden Globe Awards

Newton (India)

Newton has broken attendance records for an independent and non-Bollywood film at the box office. Directed by Amit Masurkar -who also wrote the screenplay – Newton  centers on Newton Kumar, a rookie government clerk who is sent off to a village in the jungles of Chhattisgarh to oversee and set up the election process, not an easy task as the place is under the control of the Naxalysists (Communists).Newton is wide-eyed, trusting and determined to set up the election booths and get the process underway. He is free of corruption and an idealist and does not realize the mountains that he will have to climb and the roadblocks that lie ahead in order for him to accomplish his assignment. Rajkummar is the actor who brings Newton to life, fleshing out the character and making him believable and interesting. His is a controlled performance, and Masurkar’s script and direction seem pitch perfect. What could have been a heavy subject is treated gently and with humor.rights and have been ordered to stay away from it by Maoist guerrillas who are at war with the Indian state to establish a communist system. This is a world, which is real and exists but is rarely seen on screen, even in India. Newton is a story about elections and democracy, and it will resonate with a world audience – as democracy is in serious danger the world over.”